GameSir G5 Bluetooth Controller

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Gamepad Wajib Bagi Pecinta MOBA Analog!

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  • This product does not support iOS Fortnite due to the simulator detection by the game publisher.
  • This product does not support iOS PUBG mobile from Happy Chick Emulator, as account banning system officially started. If you use the product to play PUBG mobile, you take your own risk from account banning by the game publisher. (Announcement Regarding iOS PUBG Mobile) (iOS PUBG Mobile(JP)に関するお知らせ) Or you can connect the device in Chinese PUBG which officially supports peripheral connection.
  • The product does not support Android PUBG mobile from GameSir World app, as account banning system officially started. If you use the product to play PUBG mobile, you take your own risk from account banning by the game publisher. When installing GameSir World app, it will ask you to enable the debug mode of your smartphone.
  • Other FPS games (Rules of Survival, Kree Fire, Knives out, etc.) are not affected so they are still safe to play.




By purchasing this product with smartphones, you agree to take your own risk from any potential detection by any game publishers and the consequence of it, or any situation occurred due to the enabled debugging mode. It is your responsibility to ensure the smartphone's safety and determine the usage of our products. GameSir is not responsible or liable in any manner in respect of the results above.



*Smartphone Not Included

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GameSir G5 at CES 2018

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Product Specs


Working Platforms: Android / iOS (only work for certain apps)
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Cable Length: 39.37 in.
Battery Life: 18 hr.
Vibration Feedback: No
Auto-fire turbo mode: Yes
Battery Capacity: 800mAh battery
Dimensions: 6.10*3.98*2.56 in.
Gross Weight: 0.53 lb.

Package Contents

GameSir G5 Gaming Controller*1
User Manual*1
USB charging cable*1

Manual & Tutorial 

GameSir G5 tutorial

GameSir G5 manual